— 12 October 2011
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How to view your VPS Logs in Virtuozzo Power Panel

As a VPS user you have a powerful tool which keeps track of your server status and performance, known as logs. The Virtuozzo Power Panel generates logs in four main areas, which are: Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Actions Log, and Traffic Log. The Status Changes log will keep you up to date on the latest activities involving rebooting, backing up, starting or stopping the server. QoS Alerts generate a log which displays hardware resource status. This log is helpful when hardware resource limits are in danger of being reached. The Actions Log allows you to view the specific action you perform in the Virtuozzo Power Panel and provide detailed information on those actions.

The VPS log is not only a great tool for general knowledge of your account, the VPS logs allow you to determine if changes need to be made to your server. The Traffic Log allows you to view the traffic which passes through your server so that you can keep an eye on who or what is passing through your server. The Virtuozzo Power Panel logs keep the user in touch with the everyday status and health of their server.

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