— 19 October 2011
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How to view Traffic Statistics in Virtuozzo Power Panel

In this brief and simple to follow video tutorial, VPS users will further explore the variety of features their Virtuozzo Power Panel offers. Users will learn to navigate the Virtuozzo Power Panel in order to view their traffic statistics. The demonstration video will show users how to find their way to their Traffic Log page in the Logs section of the Panel.

The Traffic Logs page displays a chart of traffic statistics. The statistics include a VPS user’s incoming and outgoing traffic. Additionally, the tutorial will show users how to view their traffic statistics over a specific, user selected range of time. The tutorial also demonstrates how to view a complete breakdown of the traffic statistics and shows the incoming and outgoing traffic per day for a month defined by the user. After viewing this video tutorial, users will learn another helpful feature of the Virtuozzo Power Panel and successfully be able to view their traffic statistics.

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