— 06 January 2012
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How to synchronize your server’s time and set its time zone using WHM

Sometimes when you are using a VPS hosting server, your time may be improperly synchronized. This only happens on rare occasions if your server is configured properly. However, it can be difficult to understand how to get the time back to normal. However, this helpful WHM tutorial video will help show you how to synchronize the server time and set its timezone.

Viewers of the video will find out how to get their WHM server time menu and where to synchronize their time. The video walks the viewer step by step through the process, simplifying it greatly. Viewers will be surprised how quickly the video illustrates how simple it is to synchronize your time. In fact, all it requires is clicking a single button in the “Server Time” window!

Users watching this VPS video will also find out how simple it is to change your server’s timezone. A simple drop down menu gives you access to every timezone, including specific towns and countries in each timezone.

If you’re confused on how to synchronize your time or set your timezone, this video will show you how to do this in no time at all.

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