— 22 September 2011
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How to manage the VPS Firewall in Virtuozzo Power Panel

Configuring your Virtuozzo Firewall is one of the easiest ways to maintain server integrity and keep unwanted intruders out. It can also be a good place to check if certain applications are having trouble connecting or getting the right data. The first step in accessing the firewall is to be logged in and select the Firewall option. The firewall applies to the entire VPS, so ensuring a proper setup is necessary. Then, you can view a list of active Firewall rules. To the right you can see their descriptions and the amount of connectivity the provide either in to, or out of, the server.

Remember, the list on the screen is the active list of rules. To remove a rule, select the check box next to the name and then click Delete (lower right hand of the table). To add a rule, select Add Access Rule. This will take you to the next page where you can select any additional rules you may want to add to secure your VPS. You may also want to check “Firewall Setup” in Virtuozzo. This setting is by default on “Normal.” Additional fine tuning can be done in the advanced settings, though for most users the Normal setting will work just fine.

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