— 13 September 2011
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How to manage your System Services in Virtuozzo Power Panel

Virtuozzo offers a convenient way to manage all services that are running on your VPS in one central location. You can easily start and stop services such as HTTP, MySQL, and many others. This gives you fine control over which services are running at any one time and can help ease the pain of troubleshooting. To begin, click on the “System Services” tab under the “VPS Services” header. This will display the list of services, both active and inactive. Any service with a green check next to it is running actively on the system, while any with a red ‘X’ are not currently active.

To change a service’s state, simply select the checkbox next to the service. Once selected, you can either start, stop, or restart a service. Occasionally, restarting a service may help alleviate connection problems with a new piece of software. The Auto-Start tab lists all of the services that will start once the VPS is up and running. Additionally, you may click the “xinetd” tab above to access all xinetd dependent services. You can now modify their states as well. One thing to keep in mind is that if you just started your server, it may take a few minutes to fully initialize all services, so simply give it a little time and refresh the page. Once you are done, you can return back to the Virtuozzo home screen.

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