— 12 January 2012
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How to manage IP addresses on your WHM server

An important aspect of server maintenance is keeping track of and managing the server’s IP addresses. WHM with VPS Hosting ensures that this is an easy task.

A server usually has a number of IP addresses already associated with it. New IP addresses can be acquired from a user’s web host. Some hosts give extra IP addresses at no cost, and some charge a fee. The IP Functions category of tools in WHM with VPS Hosting has a number of options for managing these IP addresses. For example, the Rebuild the IP Address Pool tool checks to see if a server has any currently unused IP addresses and if so, tells the user how many. Another function then allows the user to view these IP addresses and the interfaces to which they are assigned. Other tools provide the ability to change an existing site’s IP address, to see how different IP addresses are being used, and to designate a particular IP address for specific future uses. IP addresses can also be added and removed at will.

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