— 22 December 2011
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How to log in to your new WHM installation

VPS hosting is the future of website hosting today. This video tutorial series teaches new users to set up and use the Web Host Manager (WHM) that allows users to create accounts, configure settings, and keep the server running at its optimal condition through the web hosting control panel (cPanel). cPanel is one of the best known control panels for webhosting.

Previous videos entail a walkthrough and troubleshooting tips for help during the installment process, allowing users to follow along until they are comfortable with the program and able to operate the service independently.

This is the fourth installment in a tutorial series for guidance when using WHM. This step-by-step video tutorial shows the proper login procedure for your newly installed WHM interface. It is accompanied by screen captions explaining each step.

Text in the video clearly defines any problems or error screens you may run into during the login procedure, and how to circumvent any issues. You are also given visual guidance to avoid confusion. The tutorial shows the login procedure to access the cPanel Hosting interface through standard HTTP.

VPS Hosting offers more tutorials that show new users how to install, manage, and monitor their hosting service.

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