— 10 January 2012
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How to use Initial Quota Setup to enable disk quotas in WHM

VPS server hosts must often keep a tight reign on the hard drive usage for each person on their server. Using too much hard drive space can cause a server to run poorly or leave not enough room on the hard drive for important network updates. Luckily, WHM can let VPS hosts set the disk quota for their network. This instructional video will show you how to use WHM and Initial Quota Setup to set the disk quota for your network.

Viewers will learn that quotas are often set up during the initial network set up process. However, if they did not set up the network themselves, didn’t set a quota during set up or want to change the quota, this video will helpfully explain the necessary steps.

Important lessons, such as checking your machine to see if it’s capable of supporting quotas, starting Initial Quota Setup and selecting the proper button to set quotas are all covered in this informative and useful video for VPS and WHM users. Getting this quota setup properly utilized for your network can get you started on having a clean network filled with clutter free hard drives. This helps your VPS server run more smoothly.

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