— 19 March 2012
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How to configure your server’s DNS resolvers in WHM

This tutorial will walk you through the configuration of your server’s DNS resolvers in WHM in this article and the companion tutorial as part of our WHM 11 setup series. Your server’s configuration must have at least two valid DNS resolvers to function properly. The use of incorrect resolvers will severely impact your VPS server’s performance and result in additional DNS-related downtime sessions.

Under “Networking Setup”, choose “Resolver Configuration” where we will edit the file called “resolv.conf”. This is where Linux systems usually store their resolvers. Here it’s easy to edit. You can see on the following screen where you can enter at least two resolvers and an optional third. Be sure to confirm with your host provider which IP addresses to use so as to not slow down your VPS server’s functionality. You may also find that your hosting provider has automatically configured your resolvers and this may not be a setting you need to change. If changing this information, you should receive a confirmation message that the resolvers have been successfully set up.

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