— 27 December 2011
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How to complete the Initial Setup process in WHM on your VPS

After the WHM & cPanel are installed, you will log in as the root user and be greeted by a setup screen. If a setup screen does not appear, then you can skip this step and proceed to the next. Read the End User License Agreement and agree to proceed with setup steps. Provide email, cell phone, pager, AIM or ICQ information in case we need to contact you about a server issue. For your convenience, you can customize the different type of notifications within our VPS initial setup and always be alerted if there is ever an issue with the server.

VPS WHM makes your initial setup easy! In six steps, your hosting settings are complete and you are ready to launch your hosting business! The setup module provides easy navigation to allow you to access your settings quickly. VPS is here to provide you support and introduce you to some new features within the cPanel for the set up of your networking, IP addresses, nameservers, services, disk and file system quotas. We provide in-depth tutorials that guide you as you customize each setting to meet your WHM needs. The cPanel developers assure that you control your hosting business.

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