— 04 January 2012
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How to change the root server password in WHM

One of the first things to do when setting up WHM in a VPS Hosting account is to change the server’s root password. The initial password is likely a random string of characters entered by whoever originally set up the server. For security reasons and ease of access, you will need to change this to something new. WHM with VPS Hosting makes this process simple and intuitive, providing tools to to keep a server’s root access as safe and secure as possible.

A new password can be either randomly generated or entered manually. The random password generator in WHM under VPS Hosting allows the user to modify a number of variables, including password length and the type of characters to be used. A password strength indicator lets the user know how strong, and therefore how secure, his password is. Because the root user has unfettered access to the server, it is very important to choose a strong password.

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