VPS Hosting — 27 December 2010
VPS Hosting – The Average Website

Most web pages are using a shared server. What this means is that many websites are connected to one server connected to the internet, usually through a web hosting service. This is how majority of web pages are started because it is inexpensive and easy. Random access memory, central processing units, and disk space are all shared by other web pages on the same server. This sometimes can lead to a slower loading time. With shared servers, there are certain limitations and each page can only use what is available for actual use. If your business is very high traffic, you can opt for a dedicated server, but if you are not quite ready to take that leap, researching a VPS hosting site might be a better option.

A dedicated server is just that. One server dedicated to one site. The webmaster has complete and total control over these sites. This server may be an issue for someone less experienced with technology. Another thing to point out is a dedicated server can be very costly. If you’re business is not generating a lot of revenue then you may not want to spend this kind of money and decide on a virtual private server by a VPS hosting company.

VPS hosting is a virtual private server. It is the intermediary between a shared server and a dedicated server. It has benefits of both but it also has some disadvantages of both. Like a shared server, a virtual private server is less expensive than a dedicated server is, but it is more expensive than a shared server is. With a virtual private server, multiple sites still share the same server but they are partitioned off making each more individual and giving them more flexibility and freedom as they would get by using a dedicated server.

With a virtual private server there are still certain limitations but you get a lot more freedom than with a shared server and many of the benefits of being on your own without having to be a technological genius. If your business is outgrowing a shared server but not big enough to go with a dedicated one, then looking into VPS hosting just may be the answer you’re looking for. There are certain things to take into consideration before making a final decision just as with any big decision. Just be sure to do plenty of research so you can make the best decision that will fit your business needs.

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