Virtualization Platforms — 02 November 2010
Virtuozzo VPS Hosting: Benefits For Business

Virtuozzo VPS HostingVPS Hosting allows businesses to have a virtual server environment where they can have almost complete control over how the server works. The virtual server lives on a physical server that hosts other virtual servers, but the resources allotted to it are independent of the other servers. The VPS works as though it were a real, separate, physical server. The customer chooses and installs the operating system and software their business design needs.

Virtuozzo VPS is a popular virtualization solution and provides lean, efficient virtualization layers that enable complete isolation between clients. This isolation allows multiple workloads to exist on the same server without one VPS disturbing the security or performance of the other VPS instances.

One benefit of Virtuozzo is that it works on both Windows and Linux VPS platforms, while other virtualization techniques like Hyper-V from Microsoft don’t even allow the choice of Linux servers. A further benefit is the easy and intuitive management tools known as the Virtuozzo Power Panel. The web-based Virtuozzo Power Panel makes it simple to create standardized policies and procedures across the Windows and Linux platforms.
Also, the Virtuozzo architecture is scalable so the entire resources of the physical server are available for use. If a VPS has outgrown the physical server where it lives, it is simple to move to another server using Live Migration (Linux version only) without downtime to the website users.

Virtuozzo VPS provides a great alternative to more costly options such as a dedicated server, while still delivering the power, flexibility, and speed that businesses need. With Google giving more and more weight to the factor of web-page load speed, the most important overall benefit that VPS Hosting with Virtuozzo creates is the culmination of all these factors that positions the websites it hosts above all the others.

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