VPS Applications — 29 October 2010
Game Server VPS for online gaming

Game Server VPSOnline gaming has become a phenomenon in recent times. With gaming communities springing up all over, it has become increasingly important for gamers to find the right resources for their games. One such resource is the game server VPS. VPS Hosting technology cropped up as a result of the need for more computer resources at a lower cost. As opposed to getting a dedicated server, a gaming VPS allows that gamer versatility and scalability of their resources depending on their needs.

Running Linux VPS game servers was however a big challenge because it meant the gamers had to know the root command shell in order to configure the game server. However, the development of Plesk VPS for game servers made this easier as it provides the user with a panel with simple command prompt add-ons and add-ins that make configuring the game server easy and practical.

This makes even more sense when you consider that the amount of time and resources that go into just setting up and administering a game can be extreme. Plesk VPS also come with game plugins such as the Counterstrike plugin on the Counterstrike game server for Plesk. This makes it easy and cheap for a group of gamers to get a licensed copy of the game and set it up with ease. Other games that have Plesk plugins include Half-life, Call of Duty, Day of Defeat, Opposing Force and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Another advantage of using game server VPS is the type of specifications available on most of their hardware. Many gaming VPS hosting companies offer Quad-Core processors or dual 3.6GHz Xenon processors which provide the user with the fastest processors in the market at an affordable cost. In addition, the best VPS hosting companies offer the fastest ping times and broadband Internet speeds which are especially important for gaming purposes.

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